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A year in motion

A brief to design an Impact Report for Children's Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS). The aim was to summarise their work in the community by producing a printed piece and a motion infographic.

I liked the idea of basing it around letters that people had sent to the hospice, as thanks for helping them through the most difficult period of their life.

A thank you letter from a patient's family, felt like a measure of real impact.

The client liked the idea and wanted to expand on the idea to include letters from members of staff, doctors and nurses who had helped families along the way. I expanded on the visual language to make it feel more like a scrapbook, which linked in with the fact that this was for a hospice specifically for children.

The initial ask was to develop a simple storyboard to share some stats with key audiences and social media followers. Budget was limited, so I explored flat graphics with limited movement (zooming in and out) to make the output as simple as possible. See storyboard below.

I also explored the idea of using post-it notes (linking to the scrapbook/ paper feel) as a simple way of layering up information, one on top of the other.

The client liked the direction but decided to put more budget behind the project to further explore the visual treatment. I started looking at inspiration online and liked the thought of bringing the scrapbook into the frame.

I developed two further storyboards. The one below shows a child flicking through a book, with stats written on each page. It is presented as a thank you from the children to those who have supported the hospice throughout the year.

The camera angle is above a desk, looking down on scraps of paper, scissors and pencils, to really get a sense that this is a hospice particularly for children.

I also presented a more complex storyboard, this time using different assets, such as a chain of paper dolls, a blackboard and an actual thank you card (being pulled out at the end). The logo for CHAS is made up of different block letters, so I wanted to use these as animated assets that could be picked up and moved into place.

Here is a mock up of how this could look on Facebook.


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