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  • Xanthia Hallissey


Updated: Mar 4, 2020

A visual exploration of Donald Trump's face.

I applied his face to a wall, thinking about his comments about building a wall between the USA and Mexico.

I then started to experiment with shapes to see if I could make his face stand out more. I quite liked the idea of Trump as a grim reaper style character, although it wasn't clear what the image was saying.

The black outline above made me think of Russian dolls, which tied in with accusations that Trump had been involved with Russia. At first I used a traditional silhouette of a Russian doll, but the headscarf and frills suggested feminine links, which is not the direction I wanted to go in. I didn't want to be offensive to women!

So I altered the look of the Russian Doll to incorporate pin stripes and a tie. Again I didn't find it a particularly powerful image so started to rethink.

The word impeach was being used a lot so I decided to play on the words...

peach/ impeach

I designed a range of products replacing the word 'peach' with 'impeach' and adding Donald Trump's face to each one. I added in text linking to Trump's vocab, such as 'fake', 'great', the use of double adjectives, 'very very' and exaggeration, 'so much pulp'.

I liked the idea of adding in a sweet pie, as an American dessert tradition, as well as quick consumer goods such as sweets and juice.

This was a self-initiated project drawn around the time Donald Trump came into office.

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