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Harry Potter Love Club

Christmas isn't Christmas without viewing a Harry Potter film. One year I decided to start drawing the characters, just for fun. Here's a quick sketch of Bellatrix Lestrange.

I thought her hair looked quite '80s here, so started thinking about TV shows such as 'Saved by the Bell'. On the show, and in fact, in any teenage school comedy, the main concern is always: who fancies who.

I hit on an idea.

I messaged some friends asking who they would date from Harry Potter, and we started writing funny things such as 'that rugged beast Lupin' (who is part werewolf) or 'Ginny will open your chamber of secrets' (most of which is only funny if you are familiar with the stories).

The Harry Potter Love Club was born.

I decided to draw 6 key female characters and 6 key male characters from the stories.

Sorry you didn't make the cut Dumbledore.

I thought, how do people date nowadays? And since it's mostly online I decided to present each person in a phone, Tinder-style, with witty descriptions about each character underneath. I spent quite a long time trying to write as many inappropriate magical references as possible.

I added little details in such as the charge of the phone - Hermione is on 100% (naturally) whereas Ron is somewhat struggling for power. And of course, the group all sit on the Potter Network, to some of their dismay.

Swipe (click) right to see each one in detail.

This was a self-initiated project born from a funny conversation one Christmas.


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